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I really want that sneaker...


That looks so delisious.


My momma always said you could tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear.


yum, that's good eatin'


Does this open the doorway for "Athlete's Tongue" ??


I am not a chocolate lover but I love the smell of chocolate and I hate stinky feet so if the creator could make it non meltable I would buy a few for some certain people I know whose feet stink!!


HAHA I WANT IT!! lol i love chocolate so much i made up a chocolate day! that sneaker is awesome!!






That is truely the new generation of chocolate


check the new issue of sneaker freaker... the article on them is amazing...


But will take make a version where caramel is in place of the air on sole? Mmmmm caramel...


thanks for all these nice comments!!
and check out our website maybe you'll enjoy what you'll find...

Ronald Dijon

ain't no story like an Al Cabino story


Edible footwear is not exactly new. Centuries ago in Iceland shoes were made from fish skins. Not your most robust of materials these wore out quite quickly and several pairs were required for a rocky journey. Ever practical, Icelanders estimated distance by the number of fish shoes a traveller required to wear. When the shoes worn down the skins were boiled and eaten. More recently at the turn of the 20th century the novel Trilby enjoyed tremendous popularity. It was a story about a young innocent girl who went to Paris during La Belle Époque. She became the toast of the town under the dubious direction of Svengali. Her party piece was to show her bare feet. In Victorian Society that would be the equivalent of mooning, commando style. Where ever the play appeared there were riots in the street because the actress playing Trilby would at a critical point in the play openly display her bare feet. Moralists objected and libertines loved it. To capture the fascination the public had for feet, confectioners made sweets and ice cream shaped feet. All at a time when the reading public were transfixed with Freud’s theories of sexuality and pre-occupation with the foot as a phallus.

The Locust

I hate douchebags. You are one of them.

Thank you.


I want it!
Who's chewing on my toes?

James Baty

OH MY that makes me so hungry


man, i love chocolate almost as much as I love sneakers!! AND he made high tops. my favorite. who is this Al Cabino? and how big are these yummy sneaks?

Marcus Gray

Worlds first hip hop Chocol8's... And I'm alot more afforable than priceless. Oh... yea I was first. www.oghiphopchocol8.com
Also on myspace.com

Jean Le Baptiste

This is a revolution, chocolate you wear. I would like to offer you the chance to make for me a wooden baton that I can beat the gendarme with during my riots in the projects please.

Aller le boulagere, sur la jambon plage.

May luck be with you.


Id rather have Nike Mc Fly's

Real ones of course, not some fake pair.

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